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Our name Sowa Wellness pays homage to our roots in Traditional Tibetan Medicine which is known as Sowa Rigpa. Sowa means healing, restoring or nourishing, while Rigpa means knowledge or science. Thus, Tibetan Medicine is known as Sowa Rigpa or the “Science of Healing”. Tibetan Medicine is one of the world’s rich and ancient medical traditions. It offers a wealth of theory, practical methods and philosophy to help people achieve long life, health, success, wisdom and happiness. Tibetan Medicine is the original integrative healthcare. Health and wellness has always been one of the pinnacles of Tibetan cultural values for thousands of year, so much so that Tibet integrated all the medical knowledge from the major surrounding civilizations of the East including China, India, Greek and Persia into its own. In that spirit, we strive to continue integrating all the health and wellness knowledge available of our times into models that work effectively for modern day people and their lifestyles. As a local Bay Area company, we are rooted in San Francisco’s proud legacy as a leader in holistic health, innovative science and cultural diversity. It is the perfect ecosystem in which to offer integrative Eastern Medicine, holistic health and wellness services.

Our Mission

We recognized the immense beauty and value in Tibetan Medicine and other Eastern Medicine traditions. We see how traditional Eastern Medicine can work collaboratively with modern medicine and holistic health practice to educate and empower our communities towards a healthy, successful future. Our mission with Sowa Wellness is to connect our San Francisco Bay Area clients with professional practitioners of holistic health, wellness and Eastern Medicine modalities. We seek to help integrate these practices into the spectrum of today’s health and wellness discussion. To further our mission, we recently brought Sowa Wellness under Wellness On the Spot, LLC. This enables us to offer even more services and reach more people across the Bay Area. At Sowa Wellness, operated by Wellness On the Spot LLC, we customize and optimize our clients’ access to powerful tools for health and wellness.

Our Work

Sowa Wellness connects holistic healthcare and wellness professionals to the companies and communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team of dedicated, expert practitioners offer a variety of specialties in holistic health, Eastern Medicine and wellness care. We service corporate teams, private clients and local communities across the San Francisco Bay Area. Sowa Wellness works with the model of mobile wellness services, the way Tibetan Medicine practitioners reached their patients in rural mountain regions and which is now an integral part of modern health and wellness practice convenient for the modern lifestyle. We provide customized wellness packages to corporate and private clients through our holistic healthcare membership packages and mobile wellness services.

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