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With all of our clients working from home, we have made many of our services available online to make sure your team continues to feel cared for, in and out of the office. There is no better time to focus on self-care than being isolated at home. Our online services give employees the attention they need to stay healthy and happy through this trying time. Live online group wellness classes not only promote physical health, but also a sense of connection amidst isolation. One-on-One Health Coaching provides each team member with the personal support they need to level up their wellness based on their unique goals. 

 Group Classes

  • Yoga: Hatha, Restorative, Tibetan and more!
  • Mindfulness & Mediation
  • East-West Diet and Nutrition
  • East-West Practical Immunity for Daily Life
  • Holistic Stress Management
  • Lifestyle Hacks for Enhanced Focus and Productivity
  • Circadian Rhythm: Sleep Hygiene, Exercise and Diet
  • Acupressure & Self-Massage
  • Eastern Medicine: Tibetan, Chinese and Ayurveda
  • Essential oils
  • Ergonomics and Orthopedic Health
  • DIY Cough Syrup, Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Hand Sanitizer or Herbal Immunity Boosting
  • Calisthenics: Bodyweight Training Routines for At-Home Fitness
  • Movement: Stretching, Dance Classes, Somatics for Relaxation, Zumba, Tibetan Dance and more!

Class prices are only $80-$250 for the whole team!

One-on-One Wellness Coaching

Diet and lifestyle are the foundation of health and wellness. Immunity and chronic disease prevention all start here. 1-1 Health Coaching sessions provide your team with focused attention to address any sense of “out-of-balance,” such as high stress or anxiety, digestive discomfort, trouble sleeping, unstable moods, unwanted weight gain, lack of energy or any physical discomfort. With just 30 minutes of time your employees will walk away with a complete diet and lifestyle plan customized to their specific needs.

Our health & wellness coaches provide personalized plans based on their intensive training in holistic health & eastern medicine, backed by constant research in the ever-evolving modern science of  health and wellness trends and research. 


We are offering special pricing for 1-1 coaching at this time. Please get in touch for a personalized quote. 


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