San Francisco Bay Area

Massage for Groups

Our team is fully vaccinated and provides thorough sanitization between every client, according to CDC guidelines.

Special Events
Private Parties
One-Time or Repeated
Chair Massage or on Table

The Benefit of Massage

It’s Truly Everyone’s Favorite.

Wether it’s to make your guests feel special at an event, to provide your team with an awesome perk, or simply to provide an authentic wellness experience to a group you care about, we guarantee that our team of expert California Certified Massage Therapists will be the talk of town. There is no greater gift you can offer than a moment of pause to drop into the body and truly relax with a table or chair massage. Our team is fully vaccinated and provides thorough sanitization between every client according to CDC guidelines. 

Service Options

  • One time events with 15 – 30 minute Chair Massages
  • Ongoing Massage Services with 15 – 90 minute massages including chair massage or massage on the table.
  • Wellness packages including chair massage or dedicated massage room setups with premium Massage services including reflexology, acupressure, Tibetan Kunye Massage, Sports massage, Thai massage, and more. 
  • Company paid, subsidized or employee paid
  • Anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Benefits of Massage for Groups

Everywhere we go in the San Francisco Bay Area we hear that massage is peoples favorite perk in the workplace. At events, chair massage is  the favorite attraction. In this busy life, high-quality massage therapy is one of the few things that allow us to truly relax into our bodies, get out of our heads and feel taken care, even for simply 15 minutes. At work, massage therapy is known to decrease stress, increase concentration and in turn, increase performance and productivity. Employees who receive massage on a regular basis from their employers feel exceptionally taken care. At special events, be careful because chair massage may be the thing people remember most! 


What They Say

“Working with Sowa Mobile Wellness has been an absolute joy. I first discovered them when my company booked corporate chair massage for the entire team here in San Francisco for a full day. The company has since had them back on a monthly basis. Having worked with the staff monthly over the last year or so, I finally went ahead and booked an in-home massage for myself and my boyfriend. “

– Helen P.

“The SOWA team is amazing!!! Matthew has been my massage therapist and wellness guru for the last 3 years and the level of detail and care is beyond amazing. Matthew has focused on my wellness and ensuring that there’s a holistic approach to my healing. Couldn’t recommend them more. Best team ever.”

-Michael M.

San Francisco Bay Area

Our Workplace Wellness Plans Include Everything