Yoga & Mindfullness

Mobile Classes

Ongoing Classes for Teams

In-office yoga classes are a luxury that your team deserves! Our classes are designed specifically for in-office settings. They are convenient, effective and suited for all levels. Bring your team’s dreams to life with Sowa Wellness’ in-office yoga and mindfulness classes.

Classes for Events

A group yoga or mindfulness meditation class can bring a special event to the next level. More than just a memorable perk, these classes will bring your event participants into a deeper state of focus, clarity and receptivity. Unlock new potential for your event with a group yoga or mindfulness class!

Benefits of Yoga & Mindfullness

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of self-care for a good reason! Yoga promotes balance and awareness of body and mind. Mindfulness meditation is an approachable and applicable tool to cultivate awareness, focus, calm and clarity. These practices are famous for their effectiveness at stress-management, emotional well-being, overall health and success. A short session of yoga or meditation leaves us feeling clear, relaxed, inspired and invigorated. Working to coordinate our breath with our bodies, these practices bring us into a deeper awareness of our internal physiology and psychological state. Yoga and meditation help us gain insight to overcome our mental and physical obstacles which impede our path to personal growth. With yoga and mindfulness meditation, we can realize our goals of health, happiness and success!

Ultimate Relaxation

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