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A Place to Transform Your Life

The Walnut Creek Based Sowa Self-Care Center is a place for you to effectively achieve your health and wellness goals. You’ll get personalized health and wellness plans designed just for you and highly-skilled hands-on treatment to give your mind and body the much needed attention they deserve.

Located in a quiet corner on the Walnut Creek and Lafayette border, the Sowa Self-Care Center is the perfect place for you to unwind your tensions and establish the foundation necessary to transform your health and wellness.

Deep & Grounding Stress Relief

Reduce and eliminate anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, irritability, despair, brain fog, lack of inspiration and joy through nurturing treatments and nourishing foods.

Naturally Sustained Weight-Loss & Metabolic Health

Shed the extra weight for good, not with endless exercise, but by addressing the root of the problem, your relationship to food. Learn to eat satisfying and tasty meals of the most healthy foods on the planet without starving yourself!

Immediate & Systemic Pain Relief

Find lasting relief of acute and chronic pain with specialized bodywork and rooting out inflammation at the deepest level through personalized diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Free 20 Minute Health & Wellness Assessment Call

Trying to decide which package is best for you? The Sowa Self-Care Center offers everyone a free 20 minute assessment over zoom to go over your specific needs and find the right fit for you. Not only will you walk away with the clarity you need to make an informed decision, but you’ll get complimentary actionable coaching tips right away!

Our packages are the way that we make sure you get the results that you dream of. Book any initial sessions with a follow-up to lock in our package rates. Don’t live in the Walnut Creek Area? The Deep Stress Relief and Weight Loss Packages can be done online.

One-Time Services Pricing

  • Two Hour Coaching and Treatment Session: $245 | Book Here
  • Personalized 90 Minute Massage: $170 | Book Here
  • Personalized 60 Minute Massage: $120 |  Book Here
  • 45 Minute Pain Relief Session of focused Deep-Tissue Massage, Cupping and/or Heat Compresses: $100 | Book Here
  • 45 Minute Deep Stress Relief Warming Point Treatment: $100 | Book Here
  • 45 Minute Metabolic Boost Hot Stone Treatment: $100 | Book Here

*Regularly scheduled 60 and 90 minute massage clientele enjoy 10% off appointments (please ask for discount code). 30 minute massage add-on available for $50 when scheduling. 

Meet Your Practitioner

At the Sowa Self-Care Center your wellness journey will be guided by Menpa Matthew Schmookler, CMT, a wellness practitioner passionate about modern nutritional and lifestyle science, specialized in traditional Tibetan Medicine, and with over 17 years of treatment experience.

About Menpa Matthew Schmookler

Menpa Matthew Schmookler completed the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine four-year program in 2009. There he studied under the celebrated Tibetan scholar, Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo. He spent several months interning with master Tibetan Medicine doctors at the Tso Ngon Tibetan Medicine College at Qinghai University in Amdo, Tibet.  There he received the Menpa Degree after final examinations. Matthew went on to be authorized by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu to teach Tibetan Medicine. He is a certified Instructor of Tibetan Yantra Yoga, Harmonious Breathing and Khaita Joyful Dances as well as a California Certified Massage Therapist specialized in Tibetan Kunye Massage with over two decades of experience providing effective hands-on treatment and wellness care. He is passionate about studying the growing body of modern scientific knowledge on nutritional and lifestyle medicine and bridging it with the centuries of empirical medical data from the eastern world.


What They Say

Lovely massage and very thorough.  I am recovering from an ankle injury and Matthew worked around that very well.  He is a really friendly, generous soul who thinks about the entire experience — he puts on great music when he’s doing the massage, too!

– Lydia L.

“The SOWA team is amazing!!! Matthew has been my massage therapist and wellness guru for the last 3 years and the level of detail and care is beyond amazing. Matthew has focused on my wellness and ensuring that there’s a holistic approach to my healing. Couldn’t recommend them more. Best team ever.”

-Michael M.

“Matthew’s Tibetan Kunye Massage is fantastic. He uses deep tissue work with oil, heated herb bundles and hot stones. My tensions were just melting away! Matt explained some of the Tibetan Medicine theory behind this awesome Kunye massage style, fascinating stuff! I definitely recommend checking out Sowa for some serious holistic bodywork.”

-Adam O.

“Matthew is a great massage therapist. He’s got a diverse background of training and he really listens to his clients’ needs. I went to him a lot during my ironman training and liked him so much I continued going to him during the off season. Highly recommended.”

-Daniel C.

2910 Camino Diablo #140, Lafayette, CA 94549, USA

Sowa Self-Care Center
2910 Camino Diablo #140 , CA 94549
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