Onsite Wellness Plans

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Your Own Onsite Spa & Wellness Center

Are you tired of finding ways to make your team feel truly taken care of? Does your company need a vendor that takes care of your onsite wellness services from end-to-end throughout the year so you don’t have to constantly coordinate things?  We provide a free onsite initial assessment and consultation. We determine the optimal use of your space and develop your service plan according to your vision and wellness goals. Your plan includes a range of services provided by our skilled team of local holistic health, Eastern Medicine and wellness professionals. We are a local company and are at your service for ongoing, customized care. Maximize the boost to your team’s productivity and morale with a regular schedule of therapeutic wellness services. 

Massage Therapy
Yoga & Mindfulness
One-On-One Wellness Coaching

Your Onsite Wellness Plan

  • Free onsite initial assessment and consultation
  • Optimize the use of your available space
  • Discuss your vision for your wellness program and team goals
  • Develop a detailed, unique wellness program to realize your vision
  • Chair massage with premium add-ons
  • Table massage service & dedicated massage room setup
  • Group classes and presentations
  • One-on-one employee coaching
  • Onsite health and wellness resources, education and more!


Our Wellness Services

  • Premium Massage and Add-Ons: Expert Massage Therapists, Chair Massage, 10-30 minute sessions,  Aromatherapy, Warm oils, Reflexology, Hot towels, Specialized massage modalities, Tibetan Kunye massage, Ayurvedic massage, Chinese Tui Na, Acupressure and more!
  • Group Classes and Workshops: Yoga classes, Mindful breathing and meditation classes, Lectures and presentations on health and wellness, Office ergonomics and orthopedic health , Diet and nutrition, Stress management, Sleep hygiene , Enhanced focus and productivity, Acupressure self-massage, Eastern Medicine philosophy and more!
  • One-On-One Wellness Coaching: Ergonomic assessments, Diet and nutrition, Weight management, Stress management, Customized health and wellness assessments, Focus and productivity , and more!


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