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The Best Part…

You Don’t Have to Go Anywhere

Does having a private teacher sound luxurious? Well you are right, it is! But you deserve it and more importantly, it is highly effective for optimal results. When one of our teachers come to you, all of their attention is on you and supporting your practice to be perfect to achieve the exact results you are looking for. With our wide range of in-home classes, wether you are trying to heal an injury, relax more deeply or level-up your athletic performance, our team of expert instructors will help you make it happen. 


    • 60 Minute In-Home Class  – $119 or as low as $110 with one of our Wellness Plans!
    • 90 Minute In-Home Class – $169 or as low as $145 with one of our Wellness Plans!

(No extra charge for additional participants)


Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness

Wether its your aim to decrease stress, build strength and flexibility or to simply  have a pause from a hectic day in the comfort of your own home, an in-home session of Yoga & Mindfulness practice is going to change your world. Imagine a class that is custom tailored to each and everyone of your mind and bodies needs with 100% of the teachers guidance focused on you. That’s what you are going to get!

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