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Our philosophy of wellness comes from traditional Tibetan Medicine. In ancient times, the practitioners would travel through the mountains on horseback to get to their patients. In the same, way our practitioners come to you so that all you have to do is relax even more in the comfort of your own home. Modern day life and its many stresses require a comprehensive approach to staying well. It all starts with a deeply calm state found best without needing to leave the home, enjoying a nurturing massage, an at-home yoga class or mindfulness session and learning healthy diet and lifestyle habits connected with your daily routines. 

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What They Say

“Working with Sowa Mobile Wellness has been an absolute joy. I first discovered them when my company booked corporate chair massage for the entire team here in San Francisco for a full day. The company has since had them back on a monthly basis. Having worked with the staff monthly over the last year or so, I finally went ahead and booked an in-home massage for myself and my boyfriend. “

– Helen P.

“The SOWA team is amazing!!! Matthew has been my massage therapist and wellness guru for the last 3 years and the level of detail and care is beyond amazing. Matthew has focused on my wellness and ensuring that there’s a holistic approach to my healing. Couldn’t recommend them more. Best team ever.”

-Michael M.

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