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Naturally Relieve Stress
Improve Digestion
Lose Weight Sustainably
Increase Mental Clarity & Performance
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How it Works

  • Schedule your 30 minute session below. (only $45 for a limited time!)
  • Fill out questionnaire at time of booking & complete constitutional self-assessment provided in confirmation email. 
  • We will email you with your Zoom meeting link
  • Within 24 hours after your session, you will receive your personal health & wellness plan. 
  • Follow-up with your wellness expert anytime within two months of your sessions for complimentary, ongoing email/text support.
  • Follow-up sessions may be booked anytime at the current special rate of $45
  • With Menpa Matthew Schmookler you can separately book or add on 1-1 Breathing 30 minute session for $30. 
  • With Menpa Adam Okerblom, DAOM you can add on a 1-1 guided self-application therapies. 

Benefits of Health & Wellness Coaching

Your diet and lifestyle are the foundation of your health and wellness. Immunity and chronic disease prevention all start here. If you are experiencing any sense of “out-of-balance” such as high stress or anxiety, digestive discomfort, trouble sleeping, unstable moods, unwanted weight gain, lack of energy or any physical discomfort, a health & wellness coaching session is right for you. With just 30 minutes of your time you will walk away with a complete diet and lifestyle plan customized to your specific needs.

Our health & wellness coaches provide personalized plans based on their intensive training in holistic health & eastern medicine, backed by constant research in the ever-evolving modern science of  health and wellness trends and research. 

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