Health & Wellness Coaching

Online Coaching Sessions

A consultation with a holistic health and wellness professional is an invaluable tool for meeting our health and wellness goals. We work with diet, nutrition, lifestyle and therapeutics to help get your self care and wellness plan on the right track!

Coaching for Your Team

Our professional health and wellness coaches work one-on-one with your employees to address issues such as diet, nutrition, fitness, weight management, ergonomics, mood, focus and productivity. We offer customized care for your team’s health, wellness and success!

Benefits of Health & Wellness Coaching

The guidance of a holistic healthcare and wellness professional is an invaluable asset for the success of your health goals. Your practitioner works one-on-one with you to address key issues such as diet, nutrition, fitness, stress management, weight management, pain management and therapeutic treatments. The Sowa Wellness team of wellness coaches are trained in a variety of modalities and specialities. These include holistic health coaching, Tibetan, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, fitness coaching and more. We all have a unique constitution and our own set of strengths and challenges. A qualified wellness coach will help us develop a customized plan of diet, lifestyle, fitness and therapeutic treatments. Don’t fly solo! Meet your health, wellness and success goals with the ongoing assistance of a professional holistic health and wellness coach!

Ultimate Relaxation

Our Workplace Wellness Plans Include Everything