In 8th century India, there was a famous Buddhist master and scholar named Vimalamitra. He was a very wise man and a great Sage of numerous disciplines. Vimalamitra predicted that, in future times, life would become increasingly busy, hectic and stressful for many people. So he decided to develop an herbal medicine formula, dedicated specifically for those future generations of stressed-out folks. Most people would agree that Vimalamitra’s insightful prediction proved quite accurate. Fortunately, the herbal prescription he developed for us is likewise very effective and accurate. We call this formula Bimala.

Bimala is an important herbal formula from the Tibetan Medicine pharmacopeia. It is one of our best natural sleep aid formulas. Bimala is also indicated for conditions such as depression, anxiety, mental/emotional imbalances, bereavement, poor memory and exhaustion. Bimala is a highly versatile formula. It is applied for conditions ranging from common complaints such as stress and work burnout, to severe disorders such as mental illness or certain cardiac conditions. How does this formula work, and how can it help us? Let us explore this fantastic formula in the context of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, and its benefits for our modern lives.


Why is Bimala the best natural sleep aid?

Bimala helps to balance disturbed “heart wind” (nying loong)
Bimala is categorized as a formula to benefit the heart. In Tibetan Medicine, the heart is considered to be the “King” of the body, and is the primary seat of our consciousness. The heart can be easily disturbed by overactive wind element function (loong). Overactive wind disturbing the heart is known as “heart wind” (nying loong). The wind element is naturally linked with the cardio-pulmonary system. It governs much of our physiology, including our cardiac function, respiration, and circulation, as well as mental/emotional health, memory, sense organ functions, and sleep patterns.

When our loong is healthy and balanced, it properly performs its job to manage these crucial life functions. However when the loong becomes overactive, it invades and disturbs our physiological systems, causing a variety of functional problems. The loong becomes disturbed by external stressors, as well as by internal patterns of our thoughts and emotions. These internal and external stress factors lead to cyclical patterns of stress, loong disturbance, and increased symptoms.
Some common symptoms of overactive wind disturbing the heart (nying loong) include:

  • Anxiety
  • Vertigo
  • Mental and/or physical agitation
  • Propensity to “babble”, talking excessively and quickly
  • Altered mental status
  • Fainting (syncope)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling of a “lump in the throat”
  • Symptoms are aggravated by loud noises or hearing disturbing words


What are the benefits of Bimala?

The Bimala formula is traditionally indicated to alleviate a variety of symptoms and clinical signs. Some common clinical indications of Bimala include:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Mental disturbances
  • Poor focus & memory
  • Shortness of breath
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Certain heart conditions


Who should take Bimala?

Having some of the above listed symptoms is not the only factor to consider when using Bimala. In Tibetan Medicine we use many different herbal formulas for different cases. Deciding the optimal herbal prescription is based not only on each person’s current symptoms, but also their medical history, elemental constitution, age, the season, and other important factors.

Bimala is very good for people who have a loong constitution. They might frequently feel anxious, be prone to worrying or over-thinking. Bimala is an excellent choice for people who easily feel cold, and often wish to bundle up. The Bimala-type person might easily feel fatigued, distracted, overwhelmed or discouraged.

Bimala is also good when we are going through particularly intense or challenging times. When we really need to maximize our mental focus, or stay strong through emotionally taxing circumstances, Bimala can help. Studying for big exams, dealing with intense life events, or engaging in an extended meditation retreat, are all good examples of times when Bimala can be a very beneficial part of our support plan.


Bimala is a formula developed in ancient times, specifically to address the health concerns of our modern lifestyle. It is a fantastic tool to help us with the challenges of busy, stressful circumstances. We all know that the pressures of anxiety and fatigue take a toll on our mental and emotional health. These stressors lead to imbalance of nying loong, disturbed heart wind. Bimala works to calm this loong, pacifying the heart and all associated physiological systems and functions. That’s why it is the best natural sleep aid.
Bimala can help us if we are constitutionally vulnerable to anxiety and other symptoms or stress patterns. Also Bimala may be employed as part of our support plan for intense mental and emotional activities, such as studies or family dramas. In all these cases, we can rely on this herbal formula to help soothe our heart and clear our mind.

Would you like to give Bimala a try?

We’ll ship you a one month supply or more to anywhere in the US for $20 each, plus $5 shipping. Sowa’s Bimala is made by very high-quality traditional producers in India and Tibet. Contact us with any questions at


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