What do Breasts Have to do with General Health?

They are a powerhouse of lymph drainage.In Tibetan Medicine lymph is under the category of chu ser (literally “yellow liquid”). Due to the liquid nature it is connected to the earth and water humor, pekan. Pekan(earth and water) has heavy, sticky and stable qulaities. It needs the qualities of loong (wind) such as light, rough and mobile to stay in balance. Healthy loong is increased with movement, deep breathing and moderately vigorous massage. So three of the best ways to get that lymph moving is massage, exercise and deep breathing.Here is a daily breast massage that can help you feel better immediately and improve long-term health. This massage comes from techniques in Tibetan Kunye Massage and women’s health workshops I’ve attended.I have a few questions first to find out if you are especially in need of breast massage:Do you spend much of your day sedentary?
  • Sitting Iin a car
  • Sitting at a desk
  • Standing in one place
Do you wear underwire bras, tight sports bras, tight shirts or any garments that put squeezing pressure on the breasts?Do you experience any of the following?
  • brain fog
  • lack of motivation
  • low energy
  • sinus congestion
  • blurry vision from eye strain
  • constriction in breathing from tight clothes
  • constriction in the upper abdomen from tight clothes
If you answer yes to any one of these questions then breast massage is especially good for you! +++

Breast Massage in 3 Simple Steps

  • This can take as little as 2 minutes.
  • It is best repeated 2-3 times per day.
  • If you’re out for most of the day finding a little private time for this massage is easy. Do it in your home before leaving, like in the shower. Do it when you’re in the bathroom. Do it before bed.
Begin by unhooking your bra (if you’re wearing one). The massage can be done over your clothing. If not, it is best during step two to apply breast massage oil or any oil (olive, coconut, sesame) to allow for ease of strokes.1. Lymph node jostle Cup your right hand, finger pads in the armpit and palm around the front pectoral area. Lightly bounce your hand so the breast jiggles. Take deep breaths while doing this. It only takes a few seconds to feel the relief and release from the flow of lymph. Take 3 or more deep breaths then switch to the other side.2. Circular massage Beginning with the hands cupped under the breasts, circle the hands inward toward each other then out around the outside of the breast in a complete circle. Continue 9 times then switch direction and circle 9 times in the other direction. Breathe deeply throughout the massage.3. Whole breast jiggle Cup your hands under your breasts and bounce them up and down breathing deeply. Again take 3 deep breaths or more as you like.This whole sequence can be repeated 2-3 times per day or whenever you feel the need to get the energy moving.Pekan (earth and water) with its heavy, stable and stickiness has its main location in the upper body (upper chest through the head). So as we move the lymph we can feel the result by a draining and moving of that heavy energy in the upper body. Increasing the healthy loong (wind) to support the health of the pekan gives us good energy, mental focus and clarity of sense organs as well as general good health.Enjoy taking care with your breasts!