Did you know, women, that our bodies are going through a month long cycle with four phases? We all notice the menstrual phase, commonly called the period. During each phase there is a different hormonal make-up in our bodies. This affects our mood, natural energy and mind.From this understanding I’ll help you learn how to feel better on your period. During this phase our bodies need special care, as do our hearts and minds. Most women know this. Yes we can feel in our bodies that this time requires a little extra TLC. In fact, many cultures throughout the world do give the woman extra care during period. Women do not cook or continue with normal daily tasks. They spend time alone or with other women. There are different belief systems around why the women have special “care” during period. As stated by medical anthropologist Eve Agee Ph.D “ ….in societies throughout the world menstruation is considered so positive and sacred that it is commemorated in many beautiful ways……Mossi women in Burkina Faso take time away from their work and caring for their families for the length of every menstrual period to enjoy creative endeavors of their own or visit with friends.”In a photo essay on menstrual huts at the Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health one photo is accompanied by this explanation “During menstruation women in the mountains of Nepal are regarded as unclean. They’re banished from society and must sleep in exposed, bare huts.” Currently in the USA there are a growing number of women who are regarding their menstruation with reverence. As loving attention does for anything, greater menstrual health and happiness results from these attitudes.Special care is the key to how to feel better on your period.To understand how to feel better on your period let’s look at the menstruation from the Tibetan Medicine perspective. The main action during menstruation is in our lower parts: uterus, cervix and vagina. Many women feel it in their lower back and belly. Our lower part is working during this time. The lower part of the body is the main location of loong, the wind humor. To understand and work with anything going on in this area we need to work with loong.So what is this loong? Loong or wind can be understood through its qualities: light, rough, cool and unstable. When loong becomes high we need the opposite to bring it back to normal: heavy, smooth, warm and stable. Due to all the activity in the lower area during menstruation loong naturally increases.These 5 tips will reveal how to feel better on your period, using the qualities of warmth, smoothness, heaviness and stability. These qualities will always be found when dealing with loong. +++

1. Keep Warm

Aim to have at least two layers or one thick layer over your lower abdomen and sacrum. Wear long shirts that cover the low waist. Wrap your lower abdomen with a scarf or wear a vest. If you were wondering how to help period cramps, warmth is one of the answers. Keep your body warm in general and it will thank you for it. Neck scarves and socks of various thickness depending on the outside temperature will help your body relax. +++

2. Increase Rest

The body does best with increased rest during the bleeding time. You may notice feeling less interested in rigorous activity during this time. And that rigorous exercise can increase cramping and bleeding. This may lead to excess blood loss and depletion of valuable iron and fluid reserves. While menstruating allow yourself a nap or a longer night-time sleep as your life allows and your body calls. +++

3. Look Inside

The heart and mind also tend to be more introspective at this time. Social engagements that are restful and cozy are the best. rlung also presides over spiritual awareness and intuitive perception. With this time of heightened rlung your inner world may be more active. It is a powerful time to see what you want and don’t want in your life and set intentions around change. Time alone with a journal or in meditation can reveal valuable insights. +++

4. Eat More Warm, Cooked Food

This is how to feel better on your period with what you eat. Steam, saute, boil and bake most of your food. Add some gentle spices to cooking such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, cumin, coriander, fennel. Great meal options include bone broth soups, creamed veggie soups, rice, veg and protein meals. This is time of reduced digestive strength due to the influence of rlung. It is important to reduce that which is more difficult or aggravating to the digestion. Eat less raw, spicy, deep-fried, cold and processed foods especially at this time. +++

5. Drink More Fluids

With the increase of fluid loss from the body it is extra important to stay hydrated. So if you want to know how to feel better on your period, this is one of the most simple and natural ways. Emphasize warm, non-caffeinated teas, herbal infusions (see susunweed.com for more information on herbal infusions), room temperature water and boiled warm water. Have bone broths and soups as snacks and meals.Remember that every woman is unique, and our bodies are all different. So feel free to ask questions in the comments below or contact me for a health consultation to receive individualized care.Healthy menstruating to you!Photo Courtesy of : Lauren Hammond CC BY 4.0