Are you thinking about or actively trying to get pregnant?
It can be frustrating and bring feelings of hopelessness and despair when unsuccessfully trying to conceive. The perspective presented in this article could really open your mind and heart. It may help you relax in the process. Read on to hear what Traditional Tibetan Medicine, the ancient science of healing, has to say.

There are 3 necessities for conception.

1. Healthy male and female reproductive fluid.

This we all know from modern medicine and we treat this with medicine, diet and lifestyle. When trying to conceive women need to stabilize their hormones, which ensures a healthy menstrual cycle. Men also need to stabilize their hormones making sure their semen is abundant and sperm is healthy and active. In both of these cases the general body needs to be strong and healthy.

2. Presence of the consciousness of the baby-to-be that is matched to the parents.

There is a two part explanation to this concept: reincarnation and karma.

Reincarnation: Basically it comes from the idea that there is no end. When studying ecology in college I remember learning about trash. My professor highlighted this point: We say “I’m throwing this away” when in fact there is no “away”.  Any substance that has ever been on this Earth has always been here. Matter simply transforms, it does not disappear.
In Tibetan culture and Tibetan Medicine this concept is applied beyond the physical. When any living being dies his consciousness continues. It transforms and takes on another physical form. The form it takes is dependent on its karma.

Karma: The law of cause and effect. We have all learned Newton’s third law of physics “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This same principle is applied in Buddhism and many cultures including Tibetan culture. It is applied not only on the physical level but also on the level of consciousness. So everything we do, say or think causes an effect. This is the “law of karma”.

Why is it important to know this trying to conceive?
The causes we’ve made in one life creates the effect of being born into certain circumstances in future lives. So although you may be a healthy, fertile woman with a healthy fertile man having sex at the right time of the month, if there is not a consciousness that has the cause to be your child you will not succeed trying to conceive.

So, is there anything to do about this?
Absolutely! Every cause has its effect. In this case I suggest employing other methods. You’re already covering the physical aspect with healthy diet, lifestyle and medicine. Now you need a way to work with your heart and mind. Pray to your source of deep belief and faith. For example, in Tibetan Buddhism Green Tara mantra and visualization is preformed for healthy children. Green Tara is prayed to for granting of all one’s desires. You can easily find information about her online. In the Mayan tradition the goddess IX-Chel is prayed to for fertility. I know a Catholic woman who did a Novena to St. Anthony when trying to conceive and got pregnant with her 5th child at age 40. There are many options. It is important to choose something in which you have deep faith. If you don’t have a spiritual leaning the following option is for you. Visualize yourself happy, healthy and pregnant and then with a happy healthy child. In this way you can let go of fear and worry about what may not happen and feed the feeling of fulfillment of your desires. Causes create effects on mind and heart as well as physical levels.

3. The presence of all five elements.

In Tibetan Medicine we say all five elements are needed for anything to exist. So it’s important to know this trying to conceive. Without earth there is no base; without water there is no cohesion; without fire there is no ripening; without air there is no movement; without space there is no room for growth. Everything solid in the body comes from earth; everything wet in the body comes from water; the processes and warmth of the body comes from fire; the breath and movement comes from air and the space for everything to grow is space.

What can we do about this?
This ties in with the first idea of needing healthy reproductive fluid. Basically trying to conceive we need to have a harmonious relationship with each of the elements in our bodies, energy and mind. On a subtle level one can visualize the five colors representing the pure form of the five elements. One can also do yoga, meditation and dance forms that work with the subtle energy of the elements in the body. At you can find information about Vajra Dance and Yantra Yoga, practices that harmonize the 5 elements. On a the physical level you can make sure your constitution is harmonized. For this you will find helpful a free pdf on constitutional dietary guidelines that we are sending to everyone who signs up to our newsletter.

Remember that every body is unique, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions about trying to conceive or contact me to schedule a health consultation for personalized care.

Enjoy the process of discovery and increasing awareness for greater health!

Photo Courtesy of : Peiling Tan CC BY 4.0